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Kòm pwopriyetè ak operatè yon etablisman gadri aplentan depi 1995, nou gen eksperyans pèsonèl ak bezwen paran yo, founisè yo ak pwofesè yo. Nou konnen premye men lit yo chak andire e nou jwenn solisyon yo pou ede tout moun nan kominote lekòl matènèl la

jwenn sa yo bezwen.

Learning to Read

Apre 28 ane travay ak timoun, nou te konnen yon bagay te dwe fè pou ede endistri gadri a ak tout bezwen nou genyen kòm Pwopriyetè, Direktè ak pwofesè.

Anpil apèl pou tibebe... lè nou kòmanse nan laj de.

Bezwen yon ranplasan lè yon pwofesè rele.

Bezwen yon pwofesè! Wi... yon lòt pwofesè.

Bezwen konsèy ak sijesyon.

Preschool Class


ONE place

ONE place where providers create profiles to show parents who they are and what they have to offer so we can show them WHERE you are.

ONE place to place ads so teachers looking for a change can find you.

ONE place so all of us can communicate together and work together to make life a little easier. 

SO, no more placing expensive ads in SO many places and wondering if they are even getting looked at. If someone is looking to get into this field or wanting that change, they can come HERE. If a parent needs to find a new center, they can come HERE. If a teacher needs advice on a child's behavior, they can come HERE to ask for help and suggestions. If a teacher needs an idea for a bulletin board, an art project idea or just wants to talk to another teacher that works with the same age, they can come HERE.

Kindergarten Classroom

Preschool Portal
Pilot Program

Our Pilot Program is a way for us to connect with you and work out the kinks. We need you to help us cross all those T's and dot all those I's. Without YOUR help, we wouldn't be able to do that. So, please help us meet our goals, to grow big and strong, and we can connect the preschool world and create ONE place for us to go when we need something.

Being a member gives you the ability to create a profile for your childcare business and/or yourself. You can upload pictures, videos and even share your advice within the Sandbox feed. You can connect with people you know or make some new acquaintances. You can share pictures or videos of activities, bulletin boards, or just those proud moments. You can talk teacher to teacher, Director to Director, or Owner to Owner. Whoever you need advice from.

You can place ads for teachers...for FREE!

Yep, I said for FREE!

There is SO much to do within the Preschool Portal, so join us on this journey and let's work together on bringing your advice and suggestions to good use.

So don't wait!

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