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Are you looking for childcare?

Our reality today is...


Our services

Pregnant Woman and Partner

Preschool Portal simplifies the process of finding a childcare provider that will meet your specific needs and provide you with the best outcome for you and your family

  • Compare and find the best childcare option to fit your needs by age and location

  • NO commitments. EVER!

  • Compare and connect with local childcare Providers and tour the ones that best fit your families needs

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Let Preschool Portal do the advertising for you!

With our short, simplified process, local parents AND teachers will be able to find you when you need them the most

Teacher in Classroom

Whether you are looking for a job or wanting to connect with other childcare providers to get advice or share ideas, we can connect you to where you want to be

  • Create & edit your center profile

  • Post ads on the Job Board...for FREE

  • Have access to the Angel's List...(Subs!)

  • Connect with other childcare Providers

  • Connect with local families

  • Create & edit your personal profile

  • Apply to highly needed jobs on the Job Board

  • Add your profile to the Angel's list

  • Connect with other childcare teachers

  • Share your ideas/give advice/share art projects

Our goal is to connect & help as many families and childcare providers as possible
and we need you to do that.

With our simplified matching solutions,

parents simply input the details of what their family needs,

and we connect them to the centers that meet those needs.

A simple, quick process. And always FREE for parents.

Let US do the advertising for your center

with our

Childcare referral service

Signing up is easy, so why wait? 

Preschool Class
Preschool Class

Thank you for Pre-Registering to help us grow.

We look forward to working with you!

Being actual Preschool owners,

we understand how

important it is to make an impact on the

childcare industry.

The more we can

connect, communicate & grow,

the stronger we can make our childcare community

the stronger we will become as childcare professionals.

To clarify:

Individual member refers to: non-Business owners/Directors...aka childcare employees, preschool teachers, aides or subs.


Business Provider Member refers to: Owners and Directors. You must have legal authority to claim possession of the profile on behalf of the business.

*Business Provider Members can create BOTH accounts. You will be able to switch between accounts once you create your profile.


Register for a membership by filling out this form. We’ll respond as soon as we can.

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